What is Mercury?

You can learn about Mercury at its official website. There are some resources for it on this very website, as well.

Where are the packages?

You can find reviewed packages in the form of a file of Mercury terms at packages.list, and any still-unreviewed packages in unreviewed.list.

How do I browse through or search the packages in a nicer way?

Please use mmc-get for that. You can also whatever I've since added to the main page.

What's the point of having unreviewed packages?

It's so you can post packages and then immediately use them, or tell someone else how to immediately use them, by telling mmc-get to use the unreviewed list. And, it's so that people can by default use a reviewed list that definitely won't have spam or other abuse.

There are other ways to control abuse but not many that work well with my "no credentials at all" strategy on adding packages.

What's the point of using Mercury terms? This is hard on third-party tools, you know! What if the type changes?

It's perfectly easy for third-party tools that are written in Mercury, though.

If the type changes, you'll start getting errors and so will know immediately :)

How I add my own packages to this list?

You can do this locally with mmc-get submit (when that's implemented) or you can use this form

What does this tag mean?

If the meaning's unclear and the package has been reviewed, it might be on this table

How do I communicate my intense distaste for you/some package/something unrelated?

Submit a package with dummy values and a statement of your distaste in the comment field. Comments in unreviewed packages should be directed at the package maintainer, and comments in reviewed packages will be comments from the package maintainer (generally they'll just be stripped).