A name for your package. This doesn't need to have anything to do with your module names, and there are few restrictions on valid names, but spaces and commas are forbidden.

A URL for where your package can be found. This should align with your version control choice, f.e. if it's git, then "git clone $url" should succeed.

Space (or comma; both are ignored)-separated list of tags for your package. At least one tag is required. There aren't many restrictions, but your tags are the most likely part of your package to be administratively edited. Please pick tags with an eye for package discoverability.

Space-separated list of modules that should be made into executable binaries with mmc --make $module.

Space-separated list of modules that should be installed as libraries for use by other programs with mmc --make lib$module.install

Space-separated list of mmc-get packages, from this very service that your package requires to be installed before your package can be.

The broad license family (any GPL, any BSD, etc.) of your package. Your package should have its own documentation on specifics.

The specific version control needed to fetch your repository. Currently only git and fossil are supported. Patches welcome.

How releases are handled by your package. 'HEAD': just grab whatever the latest files that the URL gives you, and use them. 'tag' means that your releases have semver tags, v0.1.0, v2.2.3, etc., and that if a version isn't specified, the highest-versioned tag should be used, even if there are newer files in the repo.

Supported FFI

If your package uses Mercury's C FFI, then check 'c'. Likewise for other FFI. This is purely informational.

As it says, this is where you should describe what your package is for, for anyone looking through packages. The description should be brief, though, with more detailed information in or linked from your repository.

As it says, this is information for the packages maintainer (i.e., me). If you're uploading a replacement package, if you use some other kind of version control, go ahead and remark about it here. These messages will generally be stripped when your package is moved to the 'reviewed' package list.